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EasyRock is a natural when it comes to enhancing the value of a commercial building. We offer a beautiful solution that adds eye-catching curb appeal to your building without the excessive cost of real stone and expensive masons. Whether you use our stone panels as an accent or install on the entire structure, you will be adding prestige and increasing its value.

Lightweight EasyRock panels, which weigh about one pound per square foot, give you the “real stone” look without the need for structural support. Your crew can install our panels with the tools they have on their truck easily and quickly. Our broad assortment of rock patterns and color stories, will give your designers plenty to choose from.

EasyRock, a superior look that feels like real rock!


Construction Process

EasyRock panels provide three layers of quality, providing authenticity, durability and insulation.

  • 1st Layer: EasyRock panels are made with crushed rock (or iron oxides) that are baked onto the surface providing our patented coloration system – no paints that can peel or crack.  
  • 2nd Layer: The crushed rock is encapsulated with a tough layer of truck-bed liner material that can withstand the punishment of impact, scraping and harsh weather.
  • 3rd Layer: Over an inch of compressed polyurethane is added to the back for extra insulation.


EasyRock Benefits

  • A weeping system, compliant with building codes, is built into the panels to allow for drainage and air flow that prevents mold.
  • There are no worries about rocks popping off as each panel is mechanically fastened with screws.
  • EasyRock can be installed year-round (no temperature constraints as with mortared products) thereby extending your building season.
  • No footings, angle iron or additional load support required.  Our light-weight panels weigh approximately one pound per square foot.
  • Our panels are Built Green, Energy Efficient and Easy-to-Install with general wood-working tools.  
  • Let EasyRock help bring your project in on time and under budget!


Research and Development

EasyRock’s engineering team is committed to improving our products by making them more durable and easier to install. We listen very closely to our customer’s feedback and turn their input and requests into new, well designed products.

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